..." steps right off the screen, grabs you by the neck, and plunges you into the deep murky mire that is Ordinary Madness..."
- Michael Flores
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Film Synopsis

Los Angeles, California. In a modern day Hitchcockian/ David Lynch thriller setting, "Ordinary Madness" takes us into a kooky world of characters, A young musician drifter, Bobby Lang (Ron Carlson - "Fortune Hunters") arrives in Los Angeles in search of a new life.

He auditions for Leo (Mark Boone Junior - "Trees Lounge"), a blues club owner, and joins his band. He meets Leo's daughter Berry (Mariah O'Brien - "Diamonds"), a bartender, and the romance begins.

"The Funk Brothers," wannabe musicians Larry Funk (Robert Musgrave - "Bottle Rocket") and Warren Funk (Alan Gelfant - "Next Stop Wonderland"), give Bobby a job on their landscaping crew.

Bobby rents a room in the Los Felix home of Faye (Denise Gentile) and Albert Skillman (Gary D. Mosher). Albert, paralyzed from an accident, is confined to a wheelchair. His alluring Faye runs the house and has been having more than a landlady relationship with her boarders. Bobby finds himself living in a twisted game of seduction and murder. To everyone's surprise, Bobby holds a secret that changes all their lives.

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